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Bustin Ibach Bamboo Longboard Complete

Bustin Ibach Bamboo Longboard Complete
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Product Description

Bustin Ibach Bamboo Longboard

The Ibach is the Bustin approach to straight, unadulterated, drag-racing speed. Its radiused concave truck-platform on top of the drop is what makes this shape extra specialthis curve is designed to reinforce the neck area, and strengthen it against breakage and torsional flex. Weve also taken into account the current desire of skaters who crave tight concave, so weve packed .7 inches of it into the Ibachs 10-inch wide platform. This means that the tub on the Ibach has a narrower channel, designed to grip your feet comfortably and provide for added foot placement stability. With a super-dropped platform, tight concave, ending in sharp rails, as well as the super stiff qualities of our new Bamboo-X layup, the Ibach is designed to handle any speed you can throw at itThe only question left to ask is: how strong is your tuck?

38.50 L // 10.00 W // 29.50 - 30.25WB

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