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Bustin Limited Edition Ibach 39 Outer Space Longboard Deck (Deck Only)

Bustin Limited Edition Ibach 39 Outer Space Longboard Deck (Deck Only)
Item #:bustin-ibach-39-outer-space-black-longboard-deck
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Product Description

Bustin Limited Edition Ibach 39 Outer Space Longboard

The classic dropped downhill board has been a staple of most skateboard companies' lineups since it was first invented, and that includes us here at Bustin. Customers still rave about the Ibach. But that's not enough for us. Our biggest critics are ourselves, and when the idea came to us about a new drop shape, we knew it was time to apply it to the Ibach. What we have now is a double dropped downhill deck that is completely unique. It's speed stiff with a tub concave that inspires confidence in any situation, and the drop shape is both ergonomic for the most aggressive riding and inherently stiffer and stronger than any typically dropped deck. It also comes in two different sizes with two concaves designed relatively around larger and smaller feet.

If you think we're laying big claims, well, we are. And ultimately, it's always going to come down to the rider's abilities and preferences. But if you like drop decks, or even if you're a top mount guy who is just looking to switch it up, this is as rock solid as it can be for what it isan ultra-low, aggressive deck that handles the fastest of hills, the longest of slides, and your everyday commute all in one setup.

9-ply Hard Rock Canadian Maple
39 Long
10 Wide
30, 30.75 Wheel Base Options

Concave-thru Drop
Internal Gas Pedals
.75" Inch Drop
.7" Inch Tub Concave
Mild Flat Top W-concave

Bottom line: The new Ibach is a sick do-it-all deck to take on your every day adventures. Its super low platform makes for a great pusher. The rock solid stiffness all the way through the deck and low ride gives more confidence at speed and will break out into slides easily. The concave locks in your feet and the drop shape provides excellent leverage points to help you stay on your board with more control. AND this deck comes in two sizes, so you smaller riders out there can get the same benefits from the concave and drop shape on the Ibach37 as larger riders do on the larger Ibach39. Top it all off with a skull in a winged space helmet graphic or the ability to customize your graphic here on the website andwhy are you still reading this when you could be skating the new 2013 Bustin Ibach?

Recommended Setups:

Beginner: Boards on Nord default setup.
*BEARINGS: Rush Abec 5
*TRUCKS: Z-Flex 180mm Black
*WHEELS: B-O-N 65mm

Intermediate: For seasoned riders.
*BEARINGS: Bones Reds
*TRUCKS: Randal RII 180mm 50-degree Blue
*WHEELS: Bustin Premier 70mm 82a Green

Advanced: Experts only.
*BEARINGS: Bones Swiss Ceramics
*TRUCKS: Bear Grizzly 852's Black
*WHEELS: Hawgs Mini Monster 70mm 82a Yellow

Stoked!: Boards on Nord's skate gurus recommended setup.
*BEARINGS: Bones Super Swiss 6
*TRUCKS: Caliber 184mm 50-degree White/Gold
*WHEELS: Rayne Lust 70mm 80a Red

*Also: All in One T-Tool, Bones Speed Cream, Bones Cleaning Unit, and of course Pads and Helmet! Skate Safe.

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