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Arbor Koa Hybrid Longboard Skateboard Complete
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Product Description

The Arbor hybrid longboard skateboard is a perfect choice for those of you coming from the trick riding scene that need a reliable cruiser or just want something slightly larger to skate. The Arbor koa hybrid can really do it all though from park riding, ditch digging, gnar shredding, and hesh seshing,

The Arbor Koa hybrid is 36 inches short and has a nice n' steep double kicktail that handle whatever you command it to. A nice mellow concave adds to the control you'll have over the trucks without digging too hard into your feet like some decks smaller than 9 inches in width would. ----------------------------------------------------
Arbor Koa Hybrid 2015 Longboard Skateboard

A versatile skateitall cruiser with a larger wheelbase and performance shape for speed and tricks.

L: 36.00 W: 9.13 WB: 17.25

7 maple plies, with our premium wood top
Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply
Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products
Decks are produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers

Recommended Setups:

Beginner: Boards on Nord default setup.
*BEARINGS: Rush Abec 5
*TRUCKS: Z-Flex 180mm Black
*WHEELS: B-O-N 65mm

Intermediate: For seasoned riders.
*BEARINGS: Bones Reds
*TRUCKS: Paris V2 180mm 50-degree Blue
*WHEELS: Arbor 70mm Blue

Advanced: Experts only.
*BEARINGS: Bones Swiss Ceramics
*TRUCKS: Bear Grizzly 852's Black
*WHEELS: Orangatang 4President 70mm 80a Orange

Stoked!: Boards on Nord's skate gurus recommended setup.
*BEARINGS: Bones Super Swiss 6
*TRUCKS: Caliber 184mm 50-degree Blue Dream
*WHEELS: NordiK Freeride Center Set 70mm 78a White

*Also: All in One T-Tool, Bones Speed Cream, Bones Cleaning Unit, and of course Pads and Helmet! Skate Safe.

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