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Arbor Prodigy Longboard Complete - Downhill

Arbor Prodigy Longboard Complete - Downhill
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Product Description

The Arbor Prodigy Longboard is a straight up downhill monster. The top mount design paired with 5/8" rocker and a W concave for all the grip you could ever ask for makes this board an amazing choice for straight up downhill riding.

The prodigy comes with a tapered waist for super easy pushing as you wont have to extend your leg as far to do so, it also has gas pedals that extend the width in key areas to help give you the advantage when you're cornering hard. This board gives a lot of advantage for such a small price tag.

Recommended Setups:

Beginner: Boards on Nord default setup.
*TRUCKS: RKP 180mm
*WHEELS: B-O-N 65mm

Intermediate: For seasoned riders.
*BEARINGS: Bones Reds
*TRUCKS: Paris V2 180mm 43-degree White/White
*WHEELS: Abec 11 ZigZags 70mm 80a Lime

Advanced: Experts only.
*BEARINGS: NordiK Ceramics
*TRUCKS: Bear Grizzly 852's Black
*WHEELS: Orangatang 4President 70mm 80a Orange

Stoked!: Boards on Nord's skate gurus recommended setup.
*BEARINGS: Bones Super Swiss 6
*TRUCKS: Caliber 184mm 44-degree Acid Melon
*WHEELS: NordiK 70mm 80a Ghost

*Also: All in One T-Tool, Bones Speed Cream, Bones Cleaning Unit, and of course Pads and Helmet! Skate Safe.

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