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Arbor Rally Walnut Longboard Deck (Deck Only)

Arbor Rally Walnut Longboard Deck (Deck Only)
Item #:arbor-walnut-rally-longboard-deck
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Product Description

Arbor Rally Walnut Longboard

The newly redesigned Rally is a truncated pintail meant for hard carving packed into an easily transportable package. A wide platform provides all the space and leverage to dig into your turns.

2016 Artist: Matt Smith
2017 Artist: Nick Liotta

Dimensions: L: 30.50 W: 8.90 WB: 20.00

Deck: 7 maple plies, with our premium wood top

The Arbor Rally walnut longboard is perfect for all of those folks out there that need a little something that's not too cumbersome and can easily fit into a locker. The Rally walnut is perfect for the minimalist out there that just needs something straight up and small.

The Rally is great for anyone despite their size or age as long as you're comfortable with a shorter stance. Whether you need to commute or just let loose on the bike path the Rally is a great all around board for getting around town.

Recommended Setups:

Beginner: Boards on Nord default setup.
*BEARINGS: Rush Abec 5
*TRUCKS: Z-Flex 180mm Black
*WHEELS: B-O-N 65mm

Intermediate: For seasoned riders.
*BEARINGS: Bones Reds
*TRUCKS: Randal 180mm 50-degree Blue
*WHEELS: Arbor 70mm Black

Advanced: Experts only.
*BEARINGS: Bones Swiss Ceramics
*TRUCKS: Bear Grizzly 852's Black
*WHEELS: Orangatang 4President 70mm 80a Orange

Stoked!: Boards on Nord's skate gurus recommended setup.
*BEARINGS: Bones Super Swiss 6
*TRUCKS: Caliber 184mm 50-degree Blackout
*WHEELS: NordiK Freeride Center Set 70mm 78a White

*Also: All in One T-Tool, Bones Speed Cream, Bones Cleaning Unit, and of course Pads and Helmet! Skate Safe.

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