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Arbor Axis Longboard Maple Koa Deck

Arbor Axis Maple Longboard Deck (Deck Only)
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Product Description

Arbor Maple Axis with Koa wood Longboard

40.00 L | 9.00 W | 30.50 WB

This is hands down the most popular shape in longboarding. The drop through, symmetrical platform makes this board fun and easy to ride. Low to the ground making it easier to push and balance on. This board is constructed with 8 plies of maple with a beautiful koa top veneer. All of the wood for arbor comes from completely sustainable sources, so you can feel good about where your longboard comes from. This board can be used for any style of rider, any type of riding. Get your very own Arbor Axis Koa here today!

If you want to get the complete its available here!

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