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Abec 11 TechSlides 60mm 100a Longboard Wheels (Set of 4)

Abec 11 TechSlides 60mm 100a Longboard Wheels (Set of 4)
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Product Description

ABEC 11 wheels are designed with skaters in mind and not just a price point or profit. Our years of experiences and feedback from skaters around the world help us to produce a constantly evolving line of wheels. We believe that every skater is unique and that one size NEVER fits all. This is why for the last 15 years weve created a greater variety of wheels, cores, and urethane formulas than anyone on the planet. And today we are proud to announce the all new 60mm TechSlide.

Sergio Yuppie is the greatest Tech Slider that the world has ever seen. This King of Downhill Slide and other GRN TM skaters have helped us to develop the perfect combination of wheel profile, core, and durometer. Chris Chaput has completed his mission to formulate the ultimate hard urethane for sliding. The result is the new Classic Tech formula derived from our incredibly smooth family of Classic urethanes. In short, Classic Tech provides the highest speed ride with the smoothest possible slide. And to top it off it gives you unmatched resistance to flatspotting which makes it the perfect choice for asphalt and concrete alike. Get some ABEC 11 TechSlides today. Youre going to love what you feel!

60mm TechSlides by ABEC 11
Wheel Diameter: 60mm
Contact Patch: 23mm
Bearing Seat: Centerset (CS)
Wheel Width: 38mm
Lip Profile: Round
Urethane Formula: Classic Tech
Durometer: 100a

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