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RAD Advantage 74mm 80a Longboard Wheels (Set of 4)

RAD Advantage 74mm 80a Longboard Wheels (Set of 4)
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Product Description

RAD Advantage Skateboard Wheels - 74mm 80a

The RAD Advantage is a wheel designed to grip, be fast, and give you an advantage over all other racers. The large core allows for a higher top speed and a greater roll momentum. The high rebound and durable urethane gives you the grip and liveliness you crave out of a wheel. These features combined means that you will be flying down the hill, gripping corners, and even bouncing out of them to get to the finish line first. Once broken in the RAD Advantage longboard skateboard wheel will provide a smooth drift as well, giving you the best of both worlds.

The 74mm Advantage gives you all the edges needed to control your direction and speed. With a 58mm contact patch, supported yet flexible lips, grip on the pavement is maximized without compromising mobility. At the center is the Crown core ensuring a smooth slide. With three points and two valleys to section the wheel into distinct sections, chatter and vibrations are eliminated. Made out of material 10x stronger then traditional cores, the Crown doesnt deform under weight maximizing your potential roll speed.

If you are looking for a product that will give you the upper hand in race situations or simply allow you to roll longer and smoother than other wheels then pick up a set of the Rider Approved Designs Advantage.

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